Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Cousin's Wedding Dinner

Took a lots of photos lately but hardly get the correct mood to update them.

Quite a while ago, I had decided not to attend my cousin wedding as my project was schedule to be going for trials at that particular period. But when I know i was firm to be delay and one week before my cousin wedding dinner, I book a return flight and went back home for it!

I am glad to be able to go home once in a while as it will be totally refreshing! Even though it was a very busy weekend but i believe I spend it to the fullest!

First day midnight when i reached Penang Airport, I was welcomed by Khai Sheng and we went for supper! Then we headed back to his home and spend one night there. Had a long chat with Khai Shing and Khai Sheng and it really brighten me!

Then the afternoon starts the photo shooting! We shoot a lot!
Below were my fews.

Khai sheng was helping me out during the Dinner as well and both of us took so much photos that I haven't even finish  compiling them yet. xD

After the dinner, we went to Chung Ling Butterworth to meet up with his friend. I never been there before, but with the help of iPhone and Google maps... there we go...!

Stayed another night at Khai Sheng house this time with Zaolon! He and Zaolon had a long chat while I hit bed earlier... exhausted! Next morning we head for food hunt at Jawi! had lots of Ku Chai Koay! Think back of it! I again miss Penang's food!!

Paid a visit to Shi Long in the morning. He is doing great and hope is getting better everyday! +U oo!

Then back at night, meet up with old friends from JSPO again! Zaolon, Tze Qing, Zing Yi, Yih Wen, Yan Yee,Rachel, and I. I think I think miss out anyone because it was sooo long ago d.... xD Hope to see you all again!

More to come!

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