Monday, August 23, 2010

Short Trip at Kota Kinabalu - Mount Kinabalu

Just a few days ago, five of us arrived at Sabah, Kota Kinabalu mainly for a single purpose - Hike the Mount Kinabalu!

First day when we arrived, there were nothing much for us to do other than eat and walk around the town. I find that the living standard of Kota Kinabalu is actually quite high. One plate of chicken rice is about 5 ringgit compare to the 2006 when I left my home town to Singapore, the chicken rice was only 3 ringgit something.
It just prove that, Malaysia is moving forward very fast!

 Beside hiking the mountain, you can see that almost everyone of us had a DSLR! wow it only shows me another thing. The living standard of every human being is getting higher and higher! You can easily get a DSLR at less than 800 Singapore Dollar!
So minor objective of the trip was to share some photography skill. The above was archive by using f2.8 wide open with wide angle and extremely close to get the distortion!

Saw this housefly at a bookshop! It was so steady that it doesn't even move itself when I pointed my camera just about 20cm in front of it.

Team Keppel said it all! With the can do spirit, we conquered the Peak as well as the Via Ferrata which is the highest in the world!

So what is it about Via Ferrata? Next post you will get it!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sabah Mt. Kinabalu Here I Come AGAIN!

In year 2008 I conquered the Mt. Kinabalu! More info here
This weekend, I am going over there AGAIN! Departing tomorrow!
For this trip we are going to archive the Mountain TORQ via Ferrata! So what is that? take a look > here <
They should explain better than I do!

We had a very tight schedule! So Hopefully everything goes according to plan!

This was taken during the last trip! Iconic shots of the Mt. Kinabalu

This was the previous team!

Now we have TEAM KEPPEL at RAGE!

Baby Newborn

Did one of my friend's baby newborn quite awhile ago, decide to put it up here for sharing. More of them all available on my Fotologue account.

Is Tough to get a good newborn baby shot. Well after I took those photo, the first thing I went back home was to look up in the internet for references. Yes I found some and they are really good. Subscribed to their feeds and will start accumulating ideas from there. One of my favourite - Capture By Carire

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Is there any meaning behind the photos?

Sometimes when taking photos, I don't like to do snap shots and get away with it. More often I try to think of what i wanted to tell or show to the people who are looking at in.

Revisit Henderson Wave awhile ago

THe previous time i visited Henderson Wave was during the day, this time round my friend and I decided to pay it a visit again during the night!

It wasn't easy to shoot during the night because you need more stuff to do so. For the photo below, they were all mounted on a tripod and taken with long exposure.

The Bridge is quite shaky when there is people walk around, so need more patient to do the job!

This particular photo was done by taking 3 different exposure from -2EV , 0EV and +2EV and merging them using photomatix.

It's fun to take photo of landscape or structure during the night, but the down side is... you need transport to do so!