Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lapsed Photos - Padi Field at Permatang Pauh!

I find that I missed out quite a numbers of photo taken during the previous Chinese New Year! Though I posted them at the facebook and Fotologue.

Luckily when I look back at my photo catalog after I fix my comp and reformat my hard disk then only I noticed that. Seriously I really wonder why I didn't upload them though I though I did! If anyone of you remember you saw those photo at my blog, please let me know maybe some glitches happened and they were gone. *scratching my head*

This was with the help of the enthusiast Chin Hou and Zen Yang for meeting me in evening of Year-pass Eve which is also the day I reach BM!

We went to Permatang Pauh Padi field for all the shots below!

Bukit Mertajam - My Home Town

Zen Yang brought along his Er Hu and change into his Zhong San Zhuang (Traditional Chinese Cloathing)!

Some behind the scene before we jump into the result! Thanks to Human Light Stand! Chin Hou really helped me a lot with it! Due to the sunset and Zen Yang is facing the sun, we need a strobe with an umbrella to light him up from the silhouette.

Different touch of colour processing.

It was really a great experience to shooting out at the field! Very challenging luckily it was not a paid job because I still find that I didn't do well enough for it.
For this photo session I found that Wireless Trigger for the SB600 and the pop up flash actually can't work well if you are direct with the sunlight, you would need to redirect the pop up flash so that it was not directly flash into the sun, else the sb600 will not be able to trigger wirelessly.

The sun really set itself at a fast pace, perhaps the happiest moment passes the fastest in time! Soon after that we had to pack up and go because non of us bring along the torch light to maneuver around the padi field in dark! Maybe next time! Padi Field in the dark! That might be interesting as well!

Too a group photo marked the end of the day! And starting of a whole new year!

I think I should do this more often!


kae vin said...

Awesome photos! I like the rifle erhu! lol

Joe-Lene said...

nice one!! :D