Sunday, September 12, 2010

Long Waited Mount Kinabalu Via Ferrata

I had a lot of electronic device breakdown for the pass few week! First is my D80 shutter box next is my Hard disk! But luckily I did backup of all my photo in a separated hard drive!

So now is time for the Via Ferrata @ Mountain Kinabalu at Sabah!
It was actually a very random trip that my colleagues and I had. Vincent suddenly asked me about a short trip at Mountain Kinabalu then I said sure why not! Then they begin to ask for quotation at Sutera Harbour. Instead of going through Travel agents you can actually plan yourself by going to

But that wasn't enough for us. One of my friend say he wanted more out of the trip, then I told them that I once saw advertisement at the Laban Rata Rest House that there was something like rock climbing where you will have to wear harness and protective gears but I don't know it was actually Via Ferrata.

Then my friend Zhong Han went all the way to do some sourcing on the net and we finally end up at Mountain Torq the provider of World highest Via Ferrata! That's how we all end up doing Via Ferrata 3000 Meters above sea level!

That's the Starting Point of Via Ferrata.

Of course before stating this extreme sport, safety is the most important! get the harness checked, head gears on, safety rope tightened and double checked!

The one in Red is the instructor. To do the Via Ferrata at Mt. Kinabalu, you must be attended by a guide and the size of the group is 1 to 6. Without the guide no one is allowed to do the Via Ferrata on their own.

That's how it looks like for the descending on the Via Ferrata.

That's Pig tail! Which we have to hook on our guide rope into it like a  check point. Safety Feature. So i can say that is very safe to do Via Ferrata at Mt. Kinabalu.

Those are commonly found along the cliff of the rocky mountain. You can use it or don't use it. But best is to use it. XD

Is not easy to take photography up there as you have to tuck in all loosen item securely else they will be hitting on the rocky surface and scratch your equipment.

That's the carabina, which you need to hook on the guided stainless steel rope all the way. hook and unhook at each pig tail!

 That's steps that you you descend vertical surface.

That's how it looks like when you were descending! is 3000m above sea level!

That's one of the Via Ferrata Highlight - Hanging Bridge!

Soon after we descend, the fog turn very heavy and the visibility is about 6 meters. The Fog is made out of water vapor which chilled the atmosphere! I think when we started to descend it was around 10 degree Celsius. When it fogged, it drop further more to 6 I guess.

That's the 3 wire bridge! And even a 2 wire bridge which I don't have the footage of it because it started to rain soon after we crossed this bridge!

That's my friend hanging at the cliff!

That's more or less about the Via Ferrata at Mountain Kinabalu. No photo taken after this because it rain like quite heavily and I have to keep my camera back into my pouch.

It was really freezing cold up there where the wind doesn't stop blowing! The trail is quite long as well. WE stated at 7:30 a.m. and only manage to finish it at about 12:30p.m. and we were all soaking wet, starving as well!

This Mount Kinabalu was my second visit on it and I am sure there will be a third one! Via Ferrata? Yea... is a little bit expensive but worth to do it once in a life time!


Anonymous said...

Man!!love it~~
how much you cost for this??
it is amazing~~

from dong feng po

Joe-Lene said...

so nice! so adventurous i wanna go! :D :D :D