Thursday, October 14, 2010

Going to Hong Kong in T minus 5 Hours

Phew~! Finally I managed to sort out most of the photos taken during the previous wedding photo shoots and select some of them to be feature in my blog. That was an interesting experience and a tiring day. Took me about a week to finish sorting them but not yet done doing some minor tweaks so that they are ready to be hand over to the owners!

Oh yea! Finally one of my must visit country is going to be Checked! Hong Kong!
I still remember the last time that I planned to visit there was in the year 2008 but too bad it doesn't happened. Then this trip was suppose to happen on this year July where I am to meet Khai Sheng at Hong Kong but due to work commitment I was not able to make it as well! During that period I was actually sailing at the sea! Somewhere between Sumatera, Malaysia and Singapore.

That has cost me 200SGD for changing the flight date. I had thought of forfeit the air ticket but yet now i am packing my stuff for early flight in the morning! Can't wait to be there! Feeling excitement already!

The past few week had really been very busy because the vessel I used to work with came back for some repair and upgrading. Due to the tight schedule, I was required to work late and hands on. That had cause me drop death early in the evening and don't have personal time as well. Now is the time to gain back the privilege! A vacation is what I need!

Ok... more on Hong Kong after I am back!

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