Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Views From Marine Barrage

During last December become I went back Penang for New Year, Vincent had drove me all the way to Marine Barrage to take a few shot of the night views towards Marine Bay Sands and the Singapore Flyer.

He had always want to go there but is not easy to reach there as personal transport is always the best choice and luckily he had his uncle car for the week! Without any hesitation, we make it a wish came true!

Singapore Flyer and its surrounding
Larger view with faster shutter speed to prevent the Singapore Flyer from going blurry
Marine Bay Sands viewed from Marina Barrage

Did some portrait before we pack up and go!
Lately my colleague all got new gear for camera! We shall organized a photography outing as soon as possible after CNY! So more take!


ShellY said...

Love your blog
always post up photo
Happy Chinese New Year kiam pia xD
and take care =)

~Live Life~ said...

Incredible photos! Like it...=)

~Live Life~ said...

I love the second and the third one most...=)