Friday, December 30, 2011

Duck noodles

There was a piece of memory that I lost and luckily I found it recently. So decided to write it down before I forget it in again.

There was a bowl of duck noodle that I surely won't forget it taste. Although it was just a duck noodle from instant noodle cooked with microwave but it was the best I ever tasted.

I remember I dont like duck noodle at all. But that was the turning point. Awhh... That was so long ago... Hope someone else will cook me something else in the future that carve a mark on me.



fallen_angel said...

nice sentence

Joe-Lene said...

小時候,幸福是一件簡單的事。長大了,簡單是一件幸福的事。 ♥

Song Keat Eng said...

Simplicity is what we are aiming for from now onwards!

ShellY said...

Finally you update your blog =)
nice ~

Song Keat Eng said...

yeah.. ideas came so have to write it down. xD