Wednesday, January 4, 2012


托俊豪的福,回到大山脚之后就跟他借了几本书来看。第一本是那些年,… 看完了再借了等一个人咖啡。


说真的本人并不太爱九把刀那些年的电影,但他的书就很不错!可以正真的了解作者想法,有兴趣的人不妨 give it a try!


Monday, January 2, 2012

Spring cleaning at my primary school

This happened few days ago after Zen Yang and I had breakfast in the morning, we decided to drop by our alma mater - SJK (C) Perkampungan Berapit and it was just a coincident that the day we went there, the teachers and students were having spring cleaning. Just then we were there so we decided to help out as well.

Through the spring cleaning we found this little piggy which was Zen Yang's creation in 1998! It was being featured and kept in a cupboard till today! It was very nostalgic to be able to see things that we created so many years ago and we also really appreciate the school for keeping it for such a long time!

The tables and seats are like miniature now and I can hardly fit in it. It brings back a lots of old memories that were long been hidden. Revise through all these bits and pieces feels really great!

it just too much to express in words and i don't even know how to express them. it was just a day fill with lots of memories.
Something changes, something remains.

2012 is finally here, i wish everyone a Happy new year! I wish in this 2012, we shall try something different and do things that we always wanted to do but had yet to be done! This is the promise I made for myself.