Wednesday, January 4, 2012


托俊豪的福,回到大山脚之后就跟他借了几本书来看。第一本是那些年,… 看完了再借了等一个人咖啡。


说真的本人并不太爱九把刀那些年的电影,但他的书就很不错!可以正真的了解作者想法,有兴趣的人不妨 give it a try!



zehang said...

why you dont like the movie?

Song Keat Eng said...

Personal predicament. I don't like the way the movie portrait Ke Jing Teng. He is too good when the movie show that he didn't go through any r/s after decided not to court that girl.

But in fact he did have a gf after that. Haha. No doubt that the movie is really great. Is just personal stuff. Don't wanna write it here.

zehang said...

haha, no harm writing it out here la. your reason is totally an acceptable one. me too don't like this movie, I know the story but i didn't go to cinema simply because i feel that it's over-heated by everyone. dislike the fact that everyone is too crazy about it, dont wanna be one of em. Lol

but i would like to read the novel if im free.